Experience the Silver Lake Sand Dunes like never before on our one-of-a-kind 40 minute dune tour. We will let you out at Lake Michigan for a quick visit and then drive to one of the tallest dunes on the Silver Lake side for pics and enjoying the view.
Ride with us!

Sunday, July 21st:
9:30 am - 6:00 pm

Our Rates*
Age 12+
Age 3-11
Age 2 & Under

*Rates subject to change.

Come in anytime during our business hours.
Charter bus tours and School groups call for reservations.

Mac Wood's Dune Rides

A family tradition since 1930.

Mac Wood was a very interesting character. He was always thinking of new ways to do things. When he was the operator of Flora-Dale Resort, he would have to come up with interesting ways to entertain the guests, and the Dune Scooter Ride was one of these ventures.

These rides started in 1930. It was entertainment for Mac and the family at first. However, neighbors and persons passing by were so interested in his discovery that they talked Mac into making dune scootering a business.

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